OBI Creative of Omaha/San Diego acquires Alt Studios of Des Moines. Read more.

A merging of the
(strategic, digital, creative) minds.

OBI Creative of Omaha/San Diego acquires Alt Studios of Des Moines.

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What We Do

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Connect the Dots Marketing


OBI Creative is a full service advertising agency that helps you build relationships that compel your customers to think about and interact with your brand in memorable ways. These unexpected and unforgettable interactions lead to increased sales, higher brand awareness and loyal customer advocates.

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Come to us when you:

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  • Have a tough marketing problem to solve.

  • Want to understand how your customers’ experiences influence your brand.

  • Need help with media buying, online advertising or traditional ad placement.

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  • Are starting from scratch with simply an idea and a vision.

  • Want to introduce your company or product to new audiences.

  • Need to break the mold but aren’t sure how.

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In Short

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When you need results and not just another average marketing campaign, come to us. In fact, think of us as an extension to your marketing team — the bold, fearless extension devoted to keeping you fresh and relevant in the eyes of the customer. We are experts in marketing strategy, integrated campaign development, customer experience insight, technology trends and breakout creative ideas that meet both short and long-term goals.

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Ready to create killer marketing that builds brand awareness and increases profit?

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New Business

Kevin Hutchison

Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development



Ann Pedersen

Director of Communication and Marketing Strategy



Lana LeGrand

Vice President of Operations and Leadership