The Nebraska License Plate: A Long Overdue Lesson

People will purchase $2,000 plane tickets to see the Louvre or the Sistine Chapel. Nothing attracts quite like beauty. It draws massive crowds. But in a different case, just hours ago, Nebraska unveiled something less than beautiful—the new license plate design—which has drawn crowds online not to praise it, but to ridicule it. A likewise-embarrassing […]

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Marketing. It’s numbers and poetry.

Yin and yang. Lock and key. Tom and Jerry. Some things only work in twos. In the marketing world, our inseparable duo is strategy and creative—or, as a colleague said more colorfully, numbers and poetry. These two are like twins within our industry. Better yet, Siamese twins. And a knowledge of this simple truth is […]

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Will Work for Nuggets – The Latest from OBI Intern Darshana Panchal

Life is full of experiences; and experiences breed knowledge. Or knowledge nuggets as I like to call them. Because I value these nuggets so much, I’ve made it my mission to glean as many as possible from my team members. Nuggets about marketing, PR, art, copy, ideation–anything and everything. How do I plan to do […]

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OBI Creative Wins 14 Nebraska Addy Awards

Each year, the Nebraska ADDY Awards recognize the best and brightest ads and campaigns created by Nebraska businesses and advertising agencies. Members of the American Advertising Federation of Omaha (AAF Omaha) and the American Advertising Federation of Lincoln (AAF Lincoln) participate in this prestigious event. This year, OBI Creative took home a record total of […]

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OBI Creative expands O’Brien Voice of the Customer™ to include O’Brien Voice of the Employee

Following 15 years of successful research using the O’Brien Voice of the Customer (o.VOC™), developed by OBI Creative president and CEO Mary Ann O’Brien, the agency has expanded its research offerings to include the O’Brien Voice of the Employee (o.VOE). The O’Brien Voice of the Customer, (o.VOC), is the study of the experience or interaction […]

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Marketing Basics – Be Brief

Today’s consumers (think parents, kids, co-workers, random people on the street) are inundated with an overwhelming amount of information. And because of this, their average attention span is a mere 8 seconds. One second less than a goldfish. So whatever you have to say, say it with purpose. Just be sure to include a web […]

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Super Bowl 50 MVP Campaign: Clorox Meets Digital

With post-Super Bowl ad analysis running rampant, it’s a great time to focus away from Dorito hungry babies, galloping hot dogs and a concerning combination of the two (#puppymonkeybaby) to talk about a true viral winner: Clorox®. No you won’t have seen Clorox® in this year’s Super Bowl lineup, however their marketing team is a […]

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OBI Creative Joins Unified Strategies Public Relations Network

OBI Creative with offices in Omaha and San Diego, CA has joined Unified Strategies Public Relations Network (USPR), an international network of independent Public Relations and Marketing Communications professionals. OBI Creative is a research-based, innovation-driven advertising, branding, marketing, digital, public relations and strategic communications firm, which focuses on the customer to determine motivations, behaviors and […]

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OBI Creative announces new account strategist

OBI Creative, a research-based, innovation-driven advertising, marketing, digital, public relations and communication firm, is pleased to announce the addition of Angel Carl to the OBI team as a senior account strategist. Carl is a marketing executive with more than 20 years of passion, experience and success in marketing and advertising. Carl served as marketing manager […]

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Meet Darshana Panchal – OBI Account Service Intern

Welcome to Darshana Panchal who recently joined our OBI Creative team as an account service intern. Although an Illinois native, she claims a deep affinity for the Big O—she’s a Westside High School alum and currently a senior at Creighton University majoring in finance and marketing. Impressive times two. We sat down with her to […]

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