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Your Rebrand Isn’t About You

Rebranding is NOT slapping a new logo on your marketing materials. Rebranding is also not about you. It’s about your customers. Use a rebrand to connect with new and existing customers around their needs and wants, not your products and services.

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Digital Marketing and Advertising in 2021: Let’s Turn the Page

Jump to a section: #1 – Prepare for a Cookie-less 2022  #2 – Go Back to Brand Identity Basics   #3 – Incorporate Keywords Into Your Instagram Feeds and Reels #4 – Embrace Everyday Influencers   #5 – Improve Your Digital Storefront  It’s finally time to turn the page on 2020, and what better way to do it than to consider five digital marketing and advertising trends we […]

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Kale, Banana Pops & Small Biz: Things We’re Thankful for at OBI Creative

Jump to a section: Speaking of Work, Here Are a Few Good Ones From 2020  DIY Lava Lamps and Long Duration Isometrics at the Virtual JCC  Cobalt Videos Bring People Together  Kale? Yeah! Cool Spots for Coolgreens  Posting Big About Small Business for FNBO Creating Excitement About The Crossroads for Lockwood  Our clients are unique. Their success is not.   To say this year […]

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Creative Design During COVID: Crafting Ad Campaigns That Hit the Mark

Creative design is the secret sauce of advertising. It’s often what drives companies and marketers to seek out the assistance of an advertising agency. Designers and copywriters are tasked with creating ad campaigns that capture the attention of consumers and deliver leads and traffic for brands and businesses. OBI Creative Director Erica Rowe has led […]

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Adapting a Communication Plan for COVID

The OBI Creative Communication Team sat down (virtually) recently to discuss how communicators should approach the remainder of the year from a planning and execution standpoint. We discussed tactics and topics marketing professionals and communicators will appreciate. Read the recap now!

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The Promise and Pitfalls of Marketing Automation: 3 Missteps To Avoid

Marketing automation platforms hold both promise and pitfalls for businesses. When used appropriately, they can help sales and marketing teams together gain a 360 degree view of the customer, and lead to an uptick in new sales as well as repeat business. When left to wither on the vine, marketing automation tools can become expensive excuses for lazy marketing mindsets.

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How To Build an Effective Media Buying Strategy During a Crisis

Digital media planning and buying is a process that helps businesses and brands connect with prospects and customers as they move through the four stages of the buyer journey. Learn how to take your prospects through that journey in this blog post detailing how to build an effective media buying strategy for your business.

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