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SEO and SEM: Why Your Business Needs Both to Grow

The marketing and tech industries are so full of buzzwords and jargon that it’s easy for outsiders (as well as some insiders) to get mixed up on what the terms mean. Here, we break down two of the most commonly confused Internet marketing terms – SEO and SEM – and explain what each means at a high level.

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How to Create Strategic Campaigns That Convert

As marketing and PR professionals we need to be confident that the campaigns we are creating and all the content that fills them out is generating real profit. The PESO model helps us do that.

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How to Create Content That Converts

Content is critical to every aspect of your marketing strategy. It attracts prospects, converts them into leads, nurtures them through your sales funnel and then helps turn them into customers. Afterward, it continues to inform and engage them to the point where they become promoters of your brand or business.

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4 Reasons Why Organic Social Media Still Matters

The reason we still need organic social media in a pay-to-play world is that it is uniquely able to help you create a community of loyal followers and customers, which you do by posting relevant content and interacting with those who interact with you online.

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How to Set a Winning Social Media Strategy

Shared media is the sphere where you can respond to those who love your brand as well as those who tarnish your brand in ways that turn them into loyalists and eventually, advocates.

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Demystifying Earned Media

Earned media is what the PR industry is traditionally known for — getting your name or your brand name mentioned positively in the news media or in other influential publications and blogs. These placements are earned because you have worked hard to build relationships with journalists in your local media or editors and bloggers in your target industry to be aware of your company’s strengths and/or the skill and expertise of its leaders.

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