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360 Brand Identity Explained: The New Rules of Brand Marketing

Today a brand identity isn’t just something seen. Brands are felt through touch-screen technology, expressed through user-generated content, affirmed through satisfying customer service experiences and even lived through all-encompassing virtual experiences.

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Creative Trends and Timeless Principles

Creative for creative’s sake is stupid, but beautiful creative based in research and informed by strategy is memorable, effective and when applicable, even funny.

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How to Connect with Your Customers Online

You may not realize it marketer, but you are a publisher. After strategizing and crafting content, your job is only half done. Follow these five tips for digital marketing success.

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3 Reasons Web Performance Matters

If you want to increase the number of people visiting your site and keep them on your website longer once they get there, take a hard look at your web performance metrics and identify opportunities for improvement.

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9 Web Design and Development Trends Worth Watching

Website development is the stage where your website’s design is coded. At this point, your site goes from a concept to a living, breathing digital organism with which you and others can interact in a dynamic way.

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