Strength in Numbers: Why Research + Strategy = Marketing Success

This Infographic Shows Why Market Research Rules

You can make numbers say anything you want.

But, not in context.

Data can be arranged to prove any point, but that doesn’t make it the point of research. Market research proves there is strength in numbers when those numbers support and drive strategic insight.

The notion of strength in numbers is so critical to marketing success that we decided to make it the focus of our campaign this year. As a Hubspot-certified agency, we create inbound marketing campaigns for clients to help their businesses grow, week in and week out.

Yet, we didn’t want to be the cobbler’s kids, so we used our blog as a way to shine our proverbial shoes. While our initial content campaign in 2018 was hugely successful, we saw opportunities for improvement in our post mortem look at the end of the year.

We identified three ways to improve our content:

  • Optimize our content for organic search
  • Explore new mediums, like podcasting
  • Create pillar pages for longer form content


We then spent the first quarter doing exactly that around the topics of Market Research, Brand Identity, Customer Journey, Buyer Personas and Go to Market Plans.

As a recap, here are bite-sized summaries of those posts:


Market Research

Knowledge is power only when you use it to inform your business strategy. The real value of market research is gaining understanding of your customer. Learn why market research matters and how to perform research for results in these posts:

Why Market Research Matters

Customer Spotlight — Cobalt Credit Union CEO Gail DeBoer dishes on why market research is critical for business growth

Customer Journey and Inbound Marketing — two buzzwords worth paying attention to

Buyer Personas — ever wondered how they fit into the customer journey or how to write one? Read this post.

Our content this quarter wasn’t entirely about market research, however. We also discussed brand identity and one of the foundational elements of a business plan — go-to-market plans.


The New Rules of Brand Identity

If change is the only constant in the marketing world, then refusing to innovate will make any business obsolete. That principle holds true, even for something as seemingly timeless as branding.

Discover the meaning of branding, its evolution over time and the new rules of executing brand identity for your business in this post on the new rules of branding.


Integrated Marketing Plans

An integrated marketing plan, or Go-To-Market Plan, is an essential business tool for translating your marketing strategy into tactical reality. Read all about how to create a good one for your business in this post on go to market plans.

To tie up our content with a pretty bow (and help those of you who are visual learners) we created this neat little infographic to summarize the value of building branding, strategy and marketing campaigns on a little thing called market research.

This Infographic Shows Why Market Research Rules



Why Research Matters: Your 5-Point Guide to Building a Profitable Marketing Strategy

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