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OBI Creative CEO to Keynote AMA Iowa Experience

Des Moines (Iowa) – Brand loyalty used to be the gold standard in the marketing world and either the ire or affection of every CMO in America. Today, it is a dusty relic in danger of becoming obsolete, according to OBI Creative founder and CEO Mary Ann O’Brien.

O’Brien will be the keynote speaker at the AMA Iowa Experience – Navigating the Changing Marketing Landscape, Friday February 23 at the Hilton Garden Inn in West Des Moines.

“Consistency, quality and reliability drove brand loyalty in the past,” said O’Brien. “But, when the Internet leveled the advantage that known brands used to have by putting all of that into question and making it possible to find a cheaper product fast, brand loyalty began to fade.”

O’Brien will show how brands that choose to learn what makes their customers tick and what ticks them off are better positioned to capitalize on the new axiom ruling the marketing world – the Law of Attraction.

Believing that most of us can see this law at work in our personal life, O’Brien says,

“Think about the people you hang out with; we often have similar interests, beliefs or values. If you’re a positive person, you likely gravitate towards more positive people. Or, if you’re health-oriented, you gravitate towards health-focused individuals. If you’re a mom, you’re probably attracted to hanging out with other moms because they mirror you.”

Aligning marketing efforts around attraction instead of loyalty will result in better solutions and more satisfying service. It should also provide insight into three critical factors:

  • The identity of your true audience
  • The reality of your brand experience
  • The value of your products and services


Armed with knowledge of these important elements, brands can craft an authentic experience that will attract their ideal audiences.

For more information on the conference visit https://www.amaiowa.com.


Mary Ann O’Brien is a nationally recognized branding expert, marketing pioneer and thought leader. A former Fortune-100 CMO, she is the current CEO and founder of one of the nation’s fastest growing ad agencies, OBI Creative, which has offices in Omaha, Des Moines and San Diego.