Batman & Robin: OBI’s Dynamic Duo Pair Project Management With Marketing Strategy To Inspire Business Growth

Ashley Smith and Sadie Langemo are like Batman and Robin — only female and fabulous. This dynamic duo pairs project management with marketing strategy to help businesses grow.

Working as a team to anticipate client needs, they proactively manage project tasks and deliver results.

“We really do work together to make sure every project we tackle for a client exceeds their expectations, stays on budget and is delivered on time,” says Ashley. “But most importantly, we look for ways we can help our clients’ businesses grow.”

Having a Strategic Mindset Helps

As an account director, Ashley is the main point of contact, providing expert insight into opportunities within a client’s industry and marketing consulting that ignites ideas for growth.

“You really have to have a strategic mindset. It’s not a hat you wear, it’s the way you think,” she says. “I focus on building trust with clients and understanding their needs so I can convey those things to Sadie, who can then make sure our dedicated team executes project tasks in light of them.”

From Jack of All Trades to Master of One

“When I joined the OBI Creative team a few years ago as a project manager, I wore many hats,” says Sadie. “From helping the media buying team pull invoices, to training people on our time tracking system to providing front desk support, I helped anyone with anything.”

Helping others comes naturally to Sadie, who thrives on collaboration and is energized by camaraderie. A trained stage actress and winner of the Omaha Community Playhouse’s 2020 Bill Bailey Debut Award, Sadie says project management wasn’t something she saw herself doing 10 years ago, but she absolutely loves it today.

“I never knew I would be working in marketing or advertising. After working as an actress until I was 23, I began teaching artists working at various theaters in New York City,” she says. “Then I moved into marketing where I provided support to clients including Walmart and Verizon. As I progressed in my career, I continued to gravitate toward marketing consulting and advertising project management. I learned that I really enjoy working with people and collaboratively bringing ads, products and strategies into existence.”

Sadie sees some crossover between her stage training and work in marketing.

“Sometimes you have to be able to read a room and react quickly with an insight or suggestion that saves the meeting. My experience as an actress has helped out a few times in those situations.”

The Voice of the Client in the Office

That’s how Ashley describes her role as an account director. While Sadie focuses on project details, timelines and deliverables, Ashley homes in on the client relationship.

“We talk a lot about the Voice of the Customer work we do in helping brands and businesses understand the customer journey. That’s what customer-centric marketing is all about. Well, I’m the voice of the client in the agency,” she says. “It’s my responsibility to know who the client is, understand their pain points and provide solutions to help them achieve their goals. I familiarize myself with their needs as well as their project delivery preferences.

“If a client loves Oxford commas or wants to review copy in a Word doc instead of a PDF, I make a mental note of those things and communicate them to Sadie so she can direct the team involved on their projects to adhere to them.”

It’s also Ashley’s job to push clients into uncomfortable territory, at times, if necessary for business growth.

“We are always going to put our best foot forward with our recommendations, but sometimes the client will push back on what they want. If that’s not in the best interest of the brand or the campaign strategy, I remind them of what I know we will accomplish if we stick to our plan.”

“Our goal is to make our client feel like they are our only client.”

Ashley and Sadie work hard to be attentive to clients, anticipating their needs and identifying opportunities for growth. One of their proudest moments was nurturing a relationship and growing it through strategic ideation around additional business growth opportunities.

“Rather than simply maintaining the client’s current projects, I gathered our team to collaborate and provide additional strategic opportunities,” Ashley says. “The client was grateful we came to them with new ideas and appreciated our proactive approach. The result was more trust, respect and project work.

“Thanks to our team’s efforts and attentive project management, the client’s campaigns are delivering great results.”

Are you ready for a better relationship with your marketing agency? Contact OBI Creative today for strong ideas, attentive service and results that help your business grow.