Open a Window Into Your Web Presence with an SEO Audit & Strategy

As a full service ad agency committed to putting research before execution, we love conducting SEO audits for clients. Without a vibrant, relevant web presence, it’s difficult for any business to thrive. After all, if your customers can’t find you, they can’t buy your products or services. When Windsor Windows came to OBI Creative for insight into its current web efforts and how to drive more traffic to their site, we started with an SEO audit and developed targeted content strategy from there.

The results were stunning.

Windsor Windows SEO Audit, Strategy and Results

Windsor Windows came to OBI Creative looking for a way to help boost their search rankings on Google, increase their overall site traffic, establish thought leadership and increase site engagement.

We got to work right away by using a keyword audit to determine digital opportunities and develop an integrated SEO plan to increase Windsor’s overall site traffic. So many companies want to skip this vital step, but without a baseline it’s extremely difficult to gauge the effectiveness of SEO efforts or to inform future content strategies. Our audit examined keywords, on-site content, internal and external links and website traffic. From there, we were able to identify areas of improvement, including link redirects, content updates and site restructure.

Within a year, site traffic increased by 11% with almost 18,000 more pageviews compared to the previous year. Search traffic increased by 16% with almost 13,500 more pageviews compared to the previous year. There were increases across devices too:

  • Mobile increased by 29%
  • Desktop jumped up by 8%


Traffic to Windsor’s main site from other Windsor product microsites totaled 31,508 visits; and traffic from the main site to other Windsor product microsites totaled 69,471 visits.

We knew fresh content would be a significant factor in increasing site traffic and search rankings so we developed an editorial calendar and helped Windsor implement that calendar with original content. The News Section received 8,219 pageviews in one year; over half of those pageviews came from organic search traffic. In addition, the site’s bounce rate decreased to 38%, which is far below the industry average of 50%.

This campaign shows how critical it is for any business to have an up-to-date, relevant web presence. An SEO audit and strategy can help your business grow by identifying areas of improvement and informing strategic decisions on what changes must be made to enhance site performance.

Want to see how you’re being found (or lost) online? We’d love to help your brand with an SEO audit and strategy.