What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing in 2019

SEO, SEM, PPC…there are so many terms to learn when it comes to digital marketing that it could make even Leslie Knope feel overwhelmed. 

As a digital marketing agency, we engineer SEO, SEM and PPC strategies for clients every day. The terms may initially feel cold and confusing, but after years of exploring how to use them to help our clients grow their businesses, they’ve become shorthand for marketing success around OBI Creative. 

All year we’ve been talking about content. How to create content that converts. How to write content that your leads and customers want to engage with as they move through the stages of an inbound marketing campaign. From creation to publication, we’ve discussed how to use the PESO model and inbound marketing to create content that engages prospects, moves them down the sales funnel, and continues to delight them after they become your customers.


How to Win at Public Relations

First, we dove into the PESO model and showed how to use it to win at public relations. Catch up on all those posts below.


By providing useful content on your website and amplifying it through social media and media relations, you can build an audience of new, potential clients and more engaged customers.


Creating Content That Converts

Creating content that converts prospects into customers and customers into loyal brand advocates is an essential brand-building activity. But, how do you do that? What makes good content and how do you ensure people find it?

The answer is integrated public relations. It’s so much more than a press release. PR really can help you build your brand. We showed how in the following posts.


Digital Marketing — How to Publish Your Content Online

So, you’ve got all this awesome content. Great. What do you do with it? How do you make sure people see it? More importantly, how do you turn that content into leads for your business? This is the heart of digital marketing and is what we’ll be covering this quarter. 

We’ll cover topics that include the following:

  • Using Digital Technologies to Connect with Customers Online
  • SEO, SEM, UX and Other Acronyms Worth Knowing
  • SEO & SEM: Why Your Business Needs Both to Grow
  • The Future of SEO — Voice Search
  • The Future of SEM — Digital Marketing Trends That Will Change PPC
  • How to Make Your Website Not Suck
  • The Definitive Best Practices for Web Content and Design (Website Best Practices)
  • Web Development Best Practices 
  • Site Speed and Other Reasons Web Performance Matters
  • The New Rules of Inbound Marketing
  • Lead Scoring and Other Secrets of Marketing Automation
  • Web Analytics Tools Marketers Love


If you’ve been asking, ‘what is digital marketing?’ These posts will answer your questions. From best practices in website design and web development to breaking down acronyms like SEO SEM and PPC, we show you how to use digital marketing to grow your business. 


Digital Marketing Campaign for Higher Education Hits Enrollment Goals

We know what we’re talking about, but you don’t have to take our word for it. The results we deliver for clients speak louder than our words ever could. Here’s a glimpse at how we helped Morningside College reach enrollment goals for a new online program they launched.

Our three-month campaign created 3 million impressions and over 10,000 activities on Morningside College’s website. As a result of our digital campaign efforts, Morningside reached their enrollment goal, getting 15 students to sign up for the inaugural semester and they continue to receive applications for upcoming semesters.


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