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Super Bowl LII Commercials

Super Bowl Sunday is the pinnacle event for athletes and advertisers, alike. And for ad geeks like us here at OBI – where we’re so geeky, we watched a few Super Bowl ads a couple days before the big game. Between bites of Bob’s Donuts, the OBI team oohed, ahhed and booed at celebrities and decently witty lines. A few ads had people talking during the game (i.e., Tide’ Ads, NFL’s “Dirty Dancing” remake) but we focused on the ads that were released ahead of time. Here’s our fresh takes from our Super Bowl LII commercial early release watch party.

Michelob Ultra “The Perfect Fit”
Sentiment: Neutral
Comments: “Abs.”
“I wasn’t mad about it.” (In reference to Chris Pratt being shirtless in the ad)
“I was expecting a funnier payout.”
“They were capitalizing on his (Chris Pratt’s) charm a little too much.”


M&M’s “Human”
Sentiment: Thumbs up
Comments: “Anything with Danny Devito is funny.”
“Perfect casting.”
“If an M&M turned into a person, it would be Danny Devito.”
“Good use of celebrity.”


Jack in the Box “#JackVSMartha”
Sentiment: Thumbs down
Comments: “Stop making Martha act.”

Sentiment: Inquisitive
Comments: “Clever.”
“These are getting weird…”
“They’re going to get a lot of buzz.”
“Creepy, but…”
“Happy to see David Schwimmer.”






Pringle’s “Wow”
Sentiment: Thumbs up
Comments: “Amusing.”
“I never thought about stacking different-flavored Pringles before and now I totally would.” “No one asked you, Kevin!”


Squarespace “Should I Make a Website?”
Sentiment: Thumbs down

Groupon “Who Wouldn’t”
Sentiment: Neutral
Comments: “Decent.”


Lexus “Long Live the King”
Sentiment: Neutral
Comments: “This is Lexus trying to skew younger.”
“This is a Super Bowl commercial with legs; it’ll live past the game.”


Amazon “Alexa Loses Her Voice”
Sentiment: Thumbs up
Comments: “That was a 15 million dollar spot and it was well-worth it.”


Sentiment: Thumbs up
Comments: “I’m tearing up…”
“Did they really do that?” “They really did that.”
“Good PR move.”


Stella Artois and Water.org
Sentiment: Neutral
Comments: “Nice, but it didn’t have as much emotional impact as the Budweiser commercial.”
“It’s nice that they did it.”

Universal Studios “Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback”
Sentiment: Thumbs up
Comments: “We have to love it because he said Omaha.”
“Love Peyton.”

Febreze “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”
Sentiment: Thumbs down
Comments: “Could’ve been shorter.”
“The brand connection was not well executed.”


Wendy’s “Iceberg”
Sentiment: Thumbs up
Comments: “The iceberg line was funny.”


Winter Olympics “Best of U.S.” Lindsay Vonn
Sentiment: Thumbs up
Comments: “This is going to be huge in Minneapolis; to that local market.”