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Customer Insight

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Customer Experience Experts


OBI Creative is a customer-centric, Omaha-based ad agency crafting data-rich, behavior-based marketing strategies that connect your brand with your ideal customers. We created the O’Brien Voice of the Customer study (o.VoC) as an objective and independent evaluation of customer experience between a company or organization and the customer. The deliverable is a specific action plan that includes a road map to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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o.VoC™ Customers

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  • Span every industry. The o.VoC methodology has been proven across industries for both product and service-based companies.
  • Want to benefit from understanding their customer experience better.
  • Make statements about service, quality and customer care as part of their brand identity and want to benefit from learning more about their overall customer experience and how to make important improvements.
  • Want to avoid negative press and publicity for poor customer service or experiences. Utilizing the o.VoC model and its results, they show their dedication to the customer and their willingness to excel at customer service based on customer feedback.

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Ready to create killer marketing that builds brand awareness and increases profit?

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New Business

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Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development



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Director of Communication and Marketing Strategy



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Vice President of Operations and Leadership