Sirius + IBM.

I want my webinar.

The brightest minds in the storage business, Sirius joined forces with IBM to talk end-of-service (EOS) for their legacy storage products and host a webinar to boast the benefits of IBM DS8900 and IBM Virtual Tape. The challenge? Grab the attention of busy CIOs and CTOs and drive them to register for said webinar. Enter OBI. To best reach, inform and entertain this predominantly male Gen X audience, we waxed nostalgic. ’80s baby! Through a series of emails and paid social posts, we urged the audience to peg their jeans, feather their hair and turn up the Bon Jovi, informing them that even in this digital world sans cassette tapes, products can reach end-of-service. The emails and social posts drove viewers to a landing page to sign up for the I Want My Webinar webinar all about the most rad storage products around. We’re confident that our webinar graphic circa 1982 MTV would make the original VJs proud.