We’re on the list! We’re thrilled to share that our consistent, strong growth over the years has earned us the honor of being a member of the Inc. 5000 Class of 2023!


Mortgage happy.

With branches throughout seven states, FNBO is large enough to provide financial expertise, yet small enough to know their customers personally. Looking to build upon the mortgage momentum of 2019 and 2020, they needed a campaign to convey the many benefits of partnering with FNBO Mortgage—a fast, easy pre-qualification process, user-friendly technology and even friendlier mortgage experts—and to showcase homebuying as the emotional experience it is. Enter OBI. Knowing banks that infuse humanity and personalization into their interactions tend to forge stronger customer connections, build trust and drive growth, we did just that. From happy dances to happy ever afters, we curated the emotional, happy moments that make a house a home, boasting the benefits of using a smart, friendly mortgage partner to make it all possible. We then marketed Mortgage Happy via social, digital, video, in-branch materials and radio. The results have made FNBO very happy indeed.