We’re on the list! We’re thrilled to share that our consistent, strong growth over the years has earned us the honor of being a member of the Inc. 5000 Class of 2023!


Inc. 5000 2023: Celebrating OBI’s Impressive Growth

OBI is thrilled to announce that our commitment to growth has earned us a place in the prestigious Inc. 5000 Class of 2023, a list that ranks the 5000 fastest-growing companies in the nation.

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Picture of Mary Ann O'Brien, OBI Creative President and Founder, sitting on a couch at OBI Creative headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.


OBI Creative CEO and Founder Mary Ann O’Brien to be Inducted into Greater Omaha Chamber’s Omaha Business Hall of Fame

OBI took home three wins from the 2022 Communicator Awards, the leading international creative awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals.

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ChatGPT and the Use of AI in Marketing

New tools and technologies are always going to arise — the most successful companies tend to be the ones that are willing to adapt to them. It might look different based on the industry or specific circumstances, but companies that are willing to adapt with new technologies will analyze the potential offered by these new tools and leverage their benefits to improve their business or develop new offerings.

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Planning Ahead for the New Year

Good, strategic marketing is the key to acquiring new business to help drive sales and the overall growth of your company. If you don’t keep current with the latest marketing trends and tools, you’ll find it difficult to compete in today’s marketplace.

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Future-Proofing Your Digital Content Strategy

How does Google’s helpful content algorithm update impact your digital content strategy? Google’s updates follow a predictable pattern. Here’s how you can future-proof your content strategy against Google updates.

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Marketing in the Metaverse

Making meaning of the metaverse is difficult when you don’t know what it is. The metaverse is a new digital place to work, play, shop, talk and discover. Still confused? Don’t worry — we’ve got everything you need to get started with marketing in the metaverse.

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OBI Creative Named Agency of the Year by AMA

OBI Creative was named Agency of the Year at the 2019 Pinnacle Awards Reception held Wednesday, April 24, 2019. OBI is being recognized for its growth, work quality, innovative approach and campaign results.

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Look Out Millard Lumberyard — Here Comes OBI Creative!

Moving our Omaha office to its new location at 4909 S. 135th St. is so much more than just a change of address. Yes, we will be doubling our office space; enjoying more natural light and collaborative space; and noshing in our swanky new kitchen. But, more than that, in taking this important step forward in the development of our burgeoning business, we’re closing a chapter on the early days of our evolution into a full-service ad agency.

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OBI Creative Announces Move to New Location

The Omaha-based advertising agency will be moving to a new office space in Omaha.   […]

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