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2022 Marketing Trends and Insights

We surveyed some of our internal experts and compiled their insight on the most important trends brands should pay attention to in 2022 — and how we can leverage them together for greater success this year.

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Planning an Integrated Marketing Campaign in 2022?

An integrated marketing strategy will help ensure your marketing spend generates satisfying ROI. Here are five fundamentals to keep in mind as you determine your integrated marketing mix for the new year.

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Is Your Favorite Store a Franchise?

A constant push and pull exists between franchisees, who are independent business owners, and the corporate brands they represent. The franchises that master the art and science of developing healthy, long-term relationships between franchisees and owners are the most profitable.

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Brand Strategy Is About More Than Your Logo

The best brands are successful because they practice four branding principles religiously – they know who they are; align their culture to their brand; make experience match expectation; and hire people who live and love their culture.

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7 Epic Branding Lessons From the Disney Universe in 2020

Whether you’re a C-Suite executive overseeing a rebranding effort, or a CMO managing multiple, integrated campaigns, or a content strategy specialist outlining your master plan for the year ahead, you will benefit from these seven branding insights gleaned from a cinematic universe that’s much closer than you think.

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Your Rebrand Isn’t About You

Rebranding is NOT slapping a new logo on your marketing materials. Rebranding is also not about you. It’s about your customers. Use a rebrand to connect with new and existing customers around their needs and wants, not your products and services.

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Digital Marketing and Advertising in 2021: Let’s Turn the Page

Jump to a section: #1 – Prepare for a Cookie-less 2022  #2 – Go Back to Brand […]

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Customer Research: Why Insight Without Action Is a Bad Investment

Market research is an investment, so it makes no sense to gather insight into a customer’s experience with your brand and not act on that insight.

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Winning Ad Campaigns Start With Strategic Messaging

Careful monitoring and refining of campaigns after they launch is always essential. That is even more true during extraordinary times, when consumers’ normal behavior is upended by an outside force.

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