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2022 Marketing Trends and Insights

We surveyed some of our internal experts and compiled their insight on the most important trends brands should pay attention to in 2022 — and how we can leverage them together for greater success this year.

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Marketing in the Metaverse

Making meaning of the metaverse is difficult when you don’t know what it is. The metaverse is a new digital place to work, play, shop, talk and discover. Still confused? Don’t worry — we’ve got everything you need to get started with marketing in the metaverse.

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Planning an Integrated Marketing Campaign in 2022?

An integrated marketing strategy will help ensure your marketing spend generates satisfying ROI. Here are five fundamentals to keep in mind as you determine your integrated marketing mix for the new year.

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How SEO and Public Relations Work Together


Drive Results With Local SEO and PR Marketing Integration

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO or PR, but by understanding how both influence your brand’s search performance, you’ll boost your efforts and see greater results.

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Is Your Favorite Store a Franchise?

A constant push and pull exists between franchisees, who are independent business owners, and the corporate brands they represent. The franchises that master the art and science of developing healthy, long-term relationships between franchisees and owners are the most profitable.

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Why Every Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

If your brand strategy was a bicycle wheel, content marketing would be the hub. The various tactics flowing from your content strategy are the spokes. Using content themes that are relevant to your target audiences, you can build pieces that form an integrated marketing campaign.

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Omaha-Based Ad Agency Turns Growth Mindset Inward

OBI Creative elevates three employees to roles with greater oversight over the agency’s processes and work with clients, also providing new voices and perspectives for the firm’s leadership team.

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Talent, Research and Excellence Net OBI Creative Local, National Awards

Flexibility, ingenuity and diligence helped OBI Creative grow through the pandemic and achieve award-winning results for clients. The awards are indicative of OBI’s research-driven, results-based approach to marketing, advertising and public relations. 

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Business Growth in 2020 Drives Expansion for Omaha Ad Agency

OBI Creative’s growth in 2020 led to the creation of new jobs and hiring to serve its growing clientele and add to its in-house capabilities, allowing the agency to to keep up with the company’s expanding local, national and international client roster and those clients’ needs.

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