Look Out Millard Lumberyard — Here Comes OBI Creative!

“Mom, are you sad?”

That was the question one of our employees fielded last week as she got ready to head into OBI Creative’s Farnam Street location for the last time.

She wasn’t so much sad as much as she was nostalgic when it came to our old brick building that is now slated for future real estate development. From award-winning creative to team building to breakthrough ideas and winning pitches, much of OBI Creative’s growth and development happened at 2920 Farnam Street.

You could say we grew up there.

But, nests are meant to be flown and today we are not just happy, but excited to be putting roots down at our brand new office in the Millard Lumberyard District.


Life in the Lumberyard

Moving our Omaha office to its new location at 4909 S. 135th St. is so much more than just a change of address. Yes, we will be doubling our office space; enjoying more natural light and collaborative space; and noshing in our swanky new kitchen. But, more than that, in taking this important step forward in the development of our burgeoning business, we’re closing a chapter on the early days of our evolution into a full-service ad agency.

Moving meant saying goodbye to old haunts like Runza, which was conveniently located across the street, and finding new favorites located even more conveniently just below us.

We’re looking forward to Fridays at 4 p.m. at Local Beer, Patio and Kitchen; grabbing a healthy meal on the go at Eat Fit Go Healthy Foods; family dinners at Millard Roadhouse; and when we want to celebrate a win or surprise a client with something sweet, having Dunkin’ Donuts at our disposal.

We can’t wait to get to know our new neighbors in Courtney Law Office PC LLO and First American Title National Commercial Services. We already feel safer just knowing the Omaha Police Department’s southwest precinct is down the street.


Respecting the Past While Embracing Our Future

One of the things we appreciate most about the Millard Lumberyard District is how it walks boldly into the future without forgetting where it came from. New enterprises thrive right alongside community stalwarts like Millard Roadhouse and Olympia Cycle.

This new neighborhood has galvanized a fresh creative spark within us and we look forward to all the breakthrough business results we’re going to accomplish for our clients here.

It’s time to unpack our boxes and explore all that this new phase of work, life and business has in store for us and the awesome clients we are privileged to serve.


In the area? Swing by, stop in and say hello. We’d love to show you around our new digs and get to know you better!